Rock On! Alumni Profile: Keigan Case

Keigan Case

This summer, we are taking some time to catch up with former students from the Rock On! band camp. “Rock On Workshop in the Berkshires is a summer rock music workshop for students and young adults.  Our mission is to provide a platform for aspiring musicians to work with professionals in a supportive environment that promotes creativity, collaboration and performance.” We caught up with Keigan Case, a keyboard intern from the camp.

Keigan is currently starting his first year of college at Ithaca College!

Here are some of the questions we asked Keigan:

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What are you up to?

I graduated from McCann Technical high school. Since my junior year, I’ve been working in Dalton at Sinicon Plastics as a work study.

What instrument(s) do you play?

I started on piano and guitar and I’ve picked up drums, bass, melodica, and vocals.

What years did you attend Rock On?

I think I started in 2010 or 2011.

What were your roles at Rock On?

I was a student, but I was able to be an intern for the last three years.

Are you currently in a band and/or working on any projects?

No, not really, but I plan to be in college.

What parts of camp did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the social aspect of the camp as well as the learning. And of course I enjoyed playing music the most!

Did you gain any new knowledge or skill?

I learned so many skills from Rock On. From music theory and improv to how to play on stage and how to sing. Also I learned a lot of jazz and blues.

What did you learn from your experience at Rock On?

I learned that even though a lot of my friends don’t necessarily share the same interest in my music, there’s a place for everything if you just look for it. I learned more about how to help and teach others how to play. I attribute my widespread taste in music to a lot of my friends from Rock On.

What would advice would you give to any new students at Rock On?

Do it. It’s a wonderful experience. Trying new things may be a little scary but just show up and check out what’s going on. Then once you feel comfortable start talking to people and seeing who has similar interests. I’ve met so many friends and I’ve been introduced to so many new types of music. It’s really expanded my horizons as a musician and a person. Listen to the instructors. Many of them are life long musicians. They know what they are talking about and they have a lot to teach you. Take all that you can from them. Absorb all these things at the camp, whether it be a strange style of music, a hippie guest artist, or some weird scale you’ve never heard of. All of these things will resurface if you decide to continue with music as a career or just recreational. The camp is a great place to open up and learn new things about music and yourself.
It was great catching up with Keigan, keep checking back onto the Rock On Workshop blog, to see more Alumni Profiles!

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