Rock On! Alumni Profile: Jared Stalker


This summer, we are taking some time to catch up with former students from the Rock On! band camp. “Rock On Workshop in the Berkshires is a summer rock music workshop for students and young adults.  Our mission is to provide a platform for aspiring musicians to work with professionals in a supportive environment that promotes creativity, collaboration and performance.” We caught up with Jared Stalker, who was a drummer at the camp.

Jared Stalker is currently studying screenwriting at Point Park University, in Pittsburgh PA.

Here are some of the questions we asked Jared:

Tell us a little bit about yourself! What are you up to?

Besides being a student, I play music with my band or am practicing, watching films, or writing/reading.

.What instrument(s) do you play?

I play the drums!

What years did you attend Rock On?

I believe I started going to “Rock On” in maybe 2010, or 2011 — somewhere around then. And, I think, my last year was 2013.

What was your role(s) at Rock On?

I was put into a bunch of wonderful bands with my time at “Rock On”, and for about a year or so, I played in the “Rock On Orchestra” or “ROO”, which was basically a group of people from the camp put into a band, and we played some cover songs and performed at a few Third Thursdays, and at The Colonial in Pittsfield.

Are you currently in a band and/or working on any projects?

Yeah — I’m in a band now called “Brain Habits”, we have an EP out now called “Wasted Days”, and we’ll be releasing new material this summer, and traveling through the east coast playing shows.

What parts of camp did you enjoy the most?

The parts I enjoyed the most were getting to meet new, and interesting musicians, and getting to make great music in, and outside of camp with them. You never know who you’re going to meet at the camp, and it’s great to try and play with as many different people as you can, and dabble into different genres.

Did you gain any new knowledge or skill?

I gained a lot of great knowledge, as a drummer and songwriter, a lot of great drumming rudiments, techniques, that sorta thing. As a songwriter, I think that I learned more appropriate ways of filling a song, and not overdoing a song, and sometimes putting in fills I wouldn’t normally use, then using the new techniques and incorporating them to my “drumming repertoire”.

What did you learn from your experience at Rock On?

I learned that, besides trying to play with as many people as you can, is that it’s all for the love of music. Everyone is there to feed off of each other, and encourage new skills, and relationships for the future. It’s okay if you think that your skill set isn’t up to par, because no musician believes they’re proficient in every way — and the camp is there to help you become more proficient with new skills.

.What would advice would you give to any new students at Rock On?

For advice, I’d say go in with an open mind, want to learn, and have fun.

It was a blast catching up with Jared. Stay tuned to the Rock On Workshop blog to see what more of our alumni are up to!


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