Adam Michael Rothberg new CD “Soul of a Man”


Adam Michael Rothberg is a singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is also a producer and recording engineer who has worked with Dar Williams, Bernice Lewis and others. This year Adam launched his first crowd funding effort  in support of a CD he was already working on. Even though the campaign only ran for one month, he exceeded his financial goal, and as Adam shared in a recent interview, was a show of support by friends and fans above and beyond the funding aspect.

Experience of crowd funded campaign …

RO: You have recorded a couple of cds of your own music before and also produced for other artists, is this the first time you have used a crowd funding campaign and what did you think?

AMR: It was actually the idea of Neale Eckstein at Fox Run Studios in Sudbury MA, who I was working with on the CD. I didn’t expect much from it but gave it a try. It was gratifying. The public, supporters and friends expressed interest and really wanted the album. It was 80 % done when I launched the campaign, but it provided a forced end date. I wanted to deliver on the promised date to honor their support.

Adams influences include writers like John Hiatt and Steve Earle, the Beatles and Wilco, Randy Newman, Paul Simon, and Mark Knopfler. I asked him about the songs on this recording, “Soul of a Man” …

RO: Were these all new songs written just for this cd?

AMR: Some are brand new, some 5-6 years in the making. I like to live with songs. But sometimes they are instantaneous. It has been some time since the first album and second studio album. On one of the songs for this cd, the music was written 20 yrs ago. I was never really satisfied with the lyrics. I rediscovered the song and wrote new lyrics. Some of the music was recorded earlier for the first album and then we added new tracks using today’s technology.

RO: How do the recorded songs translate to live performance? Do you perform solo with one guitar?

AMR: For the CD release I will interpret with a full band.  With the solo interpretation, it is like bringing it full circle. Initially I write on one guitar, but then the songs are produced with multiple instruments. The live performances have little pieces of both. The live shows are about taking risks.  On one song, ‘Sanguin Sophia’, it features sax. But if I just was to play it live with Bobby Sweet, for example, he would interpret the sax part on Mandolin.  I love the disparity between live and the recordings. Like listening to the out takes of the Beatles in the studio. They were taking chances. I think it is important to have a distinction between the live performances and the produced recordings.

Adam has performed with some great local and national artists including Joan Baez, Bill Morrissey, Cliff Eberhardt, Victoria Williams and Mark Olsen, Sloan Wainright, to name a few.  This coming Friday, April 10, Adam will be opening for Duncan Sheik at Drury Performing Arts Center DPAC at Drury High School. For tickets follow this link.

Copies of Adam’s cd, “Soul of a Man” released this week, will be available at the show or you can contact Adam, order cd baby, or request as a download.

Adam Michael Rothberg will celebrate his CD release on August 1st in Cambridge at Club Passim! Save the date!  Stayed tuned for more information on future shows here in the Berkshires.


One thought on “Adam Michael Rothberg new CD “Soul of a Man”

  1. Finally got a chance to see this. Very nicely done, Elaine! Thanks for the shoutout. Berkshire CD release concert will be August 8 at the Guthrie Center, Great Barrington. Also, Soul of a Man is now available on!

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