Free Concert Sun Aug 31- Peak Music Festival @ Jiminy Peak

Featuring TBone Daddy, Bernice Lewis, Chris Merenda, Rev Tor!

Peak Music FestivalPlans for the long weekend? Make sure you include the Bud Light Peak Music Festival at Jiminy Peak, Sunday, August 31st from 2-6pm.  A full day of live music, good food and all the adventure Jiminy Peak has to offer in the Summer!

Bud Light Peak Music Festival 

JJ’s Patio at Jiminy Peak

August 31st, 2pm-6pm (weather permitting)

Admission to the festival is Free of charge

(note: tickets must be purchased for the Mountain Adventure Park or the Aerial Adventure Park)

The Festival Features :

T-Bone Daddy headlining, to celebrate the release of their new album, Departure.

TBone DaddyT Bone Daddy is a contemporary blues informed rock band that quite simply rocks. Influenced by the best of the old and newest of the new, this is a cutting edge trio with their roots deep in blues and world music. Fans love the energy and engagement of their live performances and its replication in their recorded music. From contemporary interpretations of iconic blues compilations to original material, TBD pursues a tone that is uniquely theirs.

Bernice Lewis

photo-mainWith almost four decades of performing festivals, concert halls, coffeehouses, colleges, and house concerts, along with a half dozen acclaimed CDs including Checks and Loveletters, released this year, Bernice Lewis has built a solid national fan base. She is also a published poet, a producer, and an educator extraordinaire.


Chris Merenda and The Wheel

Chris MerendaThroughout his musical history, Merenda has written many feel-good, inspiring pieces that have a knack for being very catchy, but also hang in your head for long periods of time. He is undeniably a master of the hook, but his songs have much more meaning than a lot of the cheese in contemporary mainstream music.

-The Portsmouth Herald

Rev Tor Band

Rev Tor BandThe Rev Tor Band’s large original repertoire feature funky, bass oriented rhythms and foot stomping percussion. Bouncy guitar lines pull the whole groove together and creates an entrancing state that makes ones body want to move. Soulful melodies are immediately memorable. Even the bands cover tunes have a distinctly “Torricized” feel and include B-side tunes from The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers and others.


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