Rock On Director Jay Fruet shares his mentoring vision ….

Jay Fruet Rock On
Photo credit: Lee Everett

At Rock On I usually have two goals-the first being to instruct students in fundamentals of rhythm & lead guitar and how to incorporate those techniques into a group setting where those skills will be utilized and interact with the other instruments.

At the same time I also teach the more advanced students modal techniques and more advanced guitar concepts- again with emphasis on their role in a group setting.

The second goal is to teach students to be respectful and attentive to the other musicians. A band is a group effort, and therefore requires each member to participate fully and be aware of the other players roles and how they interact. And most importantly, the students learn to share the spotlight- not hog it.

Rock On Young Musicians’ Workshop – Berkshire Community College, Pittsfield (July 14-Aug 1) Register

Check out live interviews with Jay and the other great musicians who share their talents and experience with students at Rock On summer music workshop :



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