Art Decade’s self-titled new album, a creative process!

Art Decade is releasing their sophomore album this year one single at a time in music video format.  The first video, No One’s Waiting was released this Summer and features music and art interwoven into a dreamlike experience ….

Art Decade was formed in 2008. Original members Ben Talmi on Vocals and Guitar, and Binod Singh, Bass are augmented by relatively new members Jamie Walters on Drums, and Joe Harrison on Guitar for both live performances and as a vital part of the creative process in making the music.

I caught up with Ben Talmi a couple of weeks ago and asked him about this album and how it is different than Western Sunrise, released in 2012. After producing the first record with a record company, Art Decade is making this one on their own, without a record company, and it is appropriately titled ‘Art Decade’.

Art DecadePer Ben, Art Decade is “the most real representation of the music. We had no outside producer, it was all the band. So the music was not tampered with…not rushed” by deadlines. Throughout the process Facebook is a journal of the work in progress with images, impressions and video, great behind the scenes peeks. Check out what the band is working on now on their Facebook timeline.

Still compared to some works, they moved right along in the creation of Art Decade. “It took 6 months off and on. We were in school. Then we actually took time off from school, to go on tour.” Of course school is very much related to the music. Ben studied Contemporary Writing and Orchestration at Berklee College of Music in Boston. “actually being here (at school) allowed me to work with a 15 piece orchestra of students and friends. It was a great opportunity we couldn’t have afforded otherwise”  says Talmi.

Who is the main writer? “everyone contributes to the final product, I add orchestration and texture,” said Talmi.

What is the link between the art and video and the music?  Do you work along side the video artist? “We don’t work together but ideas for the video are there in my head when I am working on the songs. I bring him the concept and the imagery.  All the bands I looked up to had a cohesive presentation that represented who they were. That’s what we are trying to do.”

It’s working. Art Decade is being noticed. On Oct. 26, Baeblemusic featured their new song Harbor Light and heartily recommend stalking the band (in a good way) for their “lush orchestration and impeccable harmonization” and 90’s geek rock style. New York got their chance on Nov. 3rd when Art Decade Rocked Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery with the Jag and Kim Logan.

In a recent interview with Paul McCartney he spoke about songs he has started performing that The Beatles never did live, and that it was challenging. (now Paul knows how we cover musicians feel) I asked Ben how Art Decade’s Music and orchestration translates into live performances: “The songs, like The Beatles “Something” for example, are strong musically in the simplest form, the chords, the melody and the core of the song are still there, even if performed in the smallest form with the traditional rock bass, guitar drums, and then the orchestration just adds to it. It’s always great to have a live string section.” At a recent show in NYC at Bowery Electric, Art Decade was joined by a string quartet section featuring Sarah Hubbard, the recipient of the 2012 Daniel Pearl Memorial Violin Award.  I asked if using the keyboard as a means of reproducing the orchestration was ever an option. Ben said he would rather avoid the synthetic strings and do the song without the embellishment because the sounds are not authentic, just not the same.

Art Decade Walking TogetherWhat is your favorite song on this record? “Need You Yesterday and also Walking Together because it is the most mature and for its restraint”…filming is in the works for the Walking Together video. If you look closely at the image on the left you can see Talmi at the edge of the woods. (and a cool little bird watching the videographer).

What are you working on now? “We are working to finish producing more songs for the album. We have have a bunch of shows coming up.” The tour will be college based and revisit some of the same cities as last year. “Chicago was great so that will definitely be included”.

Follow Art Decade on Facebook  for more music and show date announcements.


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