Waconah High takes on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon

Band director Brian Rabuse has given Dalton Dark Side of the Moonstudents a deeper look into the music of Pink Floyd, creating arrangements for concert band and working them out along with his students. From brass and woodwinds to electric bass, roto-toms and even a cash register and alarm clock, Waconah High students will present their version of Dark Side of the Moon on Tues and Wed of next week, April 9-10 at the school.

It’s an all ages event! even the band.

Pink Floyd introduced many new sounds and techniques on their Dark Side of the Moon album in 1973. They document some of their studio work as part of the Live in Pompeii video which also features some of their earlier music and live performance.  I recommend this vid as it shows Floyd’s perfection of their sound from earlier work which you can still hear references to in their masterpiece Dark Side.

40 years later, Waconah’s version will have a new twist, adding band instruments and the school choir directed by Ann-Marie Desautelle. An ambitious project for sure, but Rabuse has worked with his students to present other rock masterpieces like Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles a few years back.

Here’s a snippet:

Come check it out April 9 or 10 starting at 7pm at Waconah.

Proceeds from the show benefit the students’ trip to the R&R Hall of Fame in Ohio! I am volunteering to chaperone that trip (just kidding) but I wouldn’t mind! 🙂


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