Robin O’Herin featured in the Berkshire Eagle

Robin O’Herin played the Gypsy Joynt Café in Gresat Barrington this past Saturday night ….

Jeremy D. Goodwin, Spotlights Rock On’s Robin O’Herin in Jan 25 Special to the

Robin O’Herin was a graphic designer, attending a seminar on time management skills, when she had a revelation. The leader of the seminar asked participants to imagine themselves at 90 years old, sitting on a rocking chair and reflecting on what they never had time to do.

“Oh my gosh,” O’Herin imagined herself saying, “I forgot to be a blues musician!”

So she set out to change that. Though she’d been a music lover since childhood days, and enjoyed playing guitar in her spare time, she set about recording an album and booking gigs. Her growing acumen, as well as economic circumstances, propelled her shift into full-time musician status.  Read more..

Robin O’Herin shares her inspiration with students each Summer at Rock On’s 2 week Summer music workshop at BCC in July.


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