Artist Profile – Art Decade – Play It Forward, Oct. 19th @ the Colonial

Boston based Art Decade is a Post Pop band with its roots in the Berkshires, in fact, their history began with Rock On. Art Decade returns to its roots this Friday for Rock On’s 10th Anniversary concert ‘Play It Forward’ which will support the RockOn scholarship fund. Art Decade is Ben Talmi on guitar and vocals, Kumar Singh on bass and vocals,  Jamie Walters on drums, Abe Kimball on guitar and vocals, and Joe Harrison on guitar, piano, glockenspiel, flute and beyond…..

Art Decade rocks the Colonial Oct 19th for Play It ForwardI asked Ben Talmi if the name of Art Decade was in reference to the song by Bowie.  Ben confirmed, “I’m a big David Bowie fan so when I was searching for a band name I went to his music for inspiration.”

Their style, like Bowie’s, does not fit in a single category, it’s a mix of many styles. Art Decade’s guitarist/vocalist/arranger Ben Talmi “grew up on a strict diet of the finest classical music there is,” and it shows. The group’s Western Sunrise album is filled with some of the most breathtaking string arrangements you’ll ever hear on a pop music album. Binod Singh, lends a bit of Motown and soul with his bass stylings.  They describe themselves as ‘neo indie classical, symphonic post-pop and rock’, but there are also aggressive rock instincts not to be overlooked.

Art Decade is performing tonight as part of Berklee’s Guitarist Singer Songwriter Showcase. Presented by the Guitar Department and directed by Abigail Aronson Zocher, this showcase features some of the finest student guitarist/singer-songwriters at Berklee. For this performance Art Decade is billed as ‘David Bowie drinking a cup of tea brewed by Van Gogh after winning a tennis match with Mozart’.

Ben Talmi studied at Berklee School of Music in Boston, and the band is making their home and their mark there. Talmi has also found work arranging. He was invited to arrange strings for many tracks on Manchester Orchestra’s third album, Simple Math, including its title track.

With this background, it is not surprise that Art Decade’s music is well planned and very organized and clean. The albums are like architecture with stacked vocals, as well as some thumping bass worthy of Muse.  Their standards are high and Talmi’s ultimate goal is “to make modern music that is played in halls hundreds of years later, like classical music is today.”

Art Decade released their debut full length LP “Western Sunrise” via Eldest Only Recordings in May of this year. They then teamed up with visionary animator and director, Whitney Alexander to create a music video for Western Sunrise that was like a painting in motion in the style of the impressionists. It was a great success and the follow up video based on tracks from Western Sunrise is in the works.

As far as the next album goes, Art Decade has been busy and has a lot of new songs ready to go, but there are still a few things planned for the Western Sunrise.  We are all looking forward to that and the next record which they hope will be right around the corner.

But why wait? See Art Decade Friday night!

October 19 @ 7:00pm

Tickets on sale NOW!

at The Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield, MA


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