Artist Profile – Steve Adelson – Play It Forward Oct. 19th @ The Colonial Theater

Chapman Stick virtuoso Steve Adelson’s musical influences include rock icons Jethro Tull and the Beatles.

Steve Adelson joins Rock On for Play It Forward Oct. 19“I started on guitar thirty-one years ago and was playing the music of the time, Beatles, Allman Brothers, Jethro Tull, things like that. Then I got more into a fingerpicking mode and played and studied John Fahey, Leo Kottke and Chet Atkins styles. About three years into playing, I began lessons with Charles Didier in Brooklyn, NY. He was a great jazz player and he introduced me to various jazz guitar styles. It wasn’t long after, that the harmonic sophistication and improvisational challenges of this music became my main focus.”  In 1984, after purchasing his first stick Steve focused his performance activities on it ever since.

“I enjoy playing many styles of music. My musical heart has taken me from the 60’s Woodstock days through the modern jazz and electronic genres. If it feels and sounds right then it becomes fair game. On the CD, (‘The Answer’s Inside’) the music was written and inspired by the events in my life at that time and the musicians who I lined up for the session. So the 3 different drummers called for varying grooves. The tune written for Larry Coryell was inspired by what I thought would bring out his strong points. I also think that a CD shouldn’t be one dimensional. If the tunes have the same instrumentation and flavor, then the listener will probably tune out after 3 or 4 songs. I feel strongly, that every composition and improv on this recording takes the listener for a completely different ride. Instrumental music can be artsy and entertaining at the same time.”

So what is a chapman stick? Steve’s interview with Chapman himself will give a little more insight into what it is and the potential that Steve saw in the instrument. The article appeared in Guitar Player magazine and is available here:

“WOW! I am so proud to have played with you on this (NAMM video)-you sound amazing!!!!! Hope to play again soon!” –Danny Gottlieb

Steve Adelson will perform at Rock On’s Play It Forward Concert on October 19th at the Colonial Theatre, you will want to get tickets – here is the link:

Play It Forward – Oct 19 @ The Colonial Theater


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