RockOn Welcomes Players at all Levels

Spotlight on the beginners program

The Rock On workshop is designed for  young players of ALL levels – whether they are at beginner, intermediate or advanced skill levels.  All levels participate fully in the Rock On Experience. 

For students who are at the beginner level, or who have less than a year of training, we offer a program  that will increase their musical knowledge as well as their playing and performance skills.

A typical day at Rock On includes workshops, instrument training, guest master classes, daily ensemble rehearsals and repertoire class.

The repertoire class will consist of pre-selected music that will prepare students to perform together with interns and instructors at the Rock On Concerts are held each Friday during the workshop. 

The 2012 Rock On Workshop at Berkshire Community College will run from July 16th through July 27th.

The beginner students  take part in all scheduled activities and workshops, including meeting with guest instructors and performers. 

Students work together as a team in rehearsals and classes to learn to help create musical friendships and promote a feeling of community and belonging, and to develop a musical-social network. Part of the lesson plan will be learning the fundamental skills of their respective instruments as well as basic performance and stage management skills. 

All instruments are welcome in the workshop-guitar, bass, drums & keyboards to cello, vocals, horns and more. Instrument classes will run approximately  one hour.

The workshop runs from 11:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday each week it is offered.

Students may bring their own lunches or eat in the cafeteria during lunch break. 

For more information contact:

Mary Talmi 413-499-1733

Jay Fruet  413-442-5519

also see us on facebook or visit our webpage at


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