Chris Robinson’s Brotherhood Experiment comes to Pittsfield – joined by Sarah Lee and Johnny

Chris Robinson BrotherhoodThe Chris Robinson Brotherhood started as an experiment and turned into a band, with a new album out this week. Along with Robinson are Neal Casal on guitar, Adam MacDougall on keyboards, George Sluppick on drums and Mark “Muddy” Dutton on Bass. Robinson, best known as the front man of the Black Crowes, is an old school rocker and father of two. He recently spoke to Rolling  Stone about his life now and the Brotherhood project which will rock the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield later this month.

This started as an experiment. When did it become a band? Just a few weeks into the California residency tour last year. When we  put all the pieces together and started getting the songs, the idea was not to  look too much into the future – “Let’s be present with this and let’s see how we  feel.” There was no entourage or commune to take care of. It was just the five  of us and our friend, our tour manager, in a van. We did 13,500 miles in a van  with just us. I think a couple of weeks into that, we started to let the cosmic  vibes flow through us and we realized, “Oh, wow, this is something that feels  really good.” Being a pop artist or making music like a jingle or something – I  don’t do that [laughs]. So for us it was exploratory. The whole brotherhood  thing was a little bit tongue-in-cheek when we came up with it, but that’s how  we feel. And it’s still just us.

Is there a philosophy behind this project? When I think  about the real pioneers of the psychedelic movement in a musical sense, not just  the culture, everything had a handmade sort of vibe to it. We’re inventing our  culture as we move along into this.

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The Chris Robinson Brotherhood

With special guests Sarah Lee and Johnny

At The Colonial Theatre, Pittsfield Tuesday, June 26 • 7:30pm 

Tickets • VIP: $60 (includes preferred seating) A: $50 B: $35 C: $25 (limited balcony)

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