2011 Marks 10 Years for RockOn – New Courses Offered

Rock On Workshop is proud to be 10 years old this coming summer, making a difference in the lives of the young musicians here in the Berkshires and beyond. To celebrate our 10th year, we are offering a series of courses for musicians and songwriters of any age who wish to advance their skills and techniques.

The courses will consist of 4 classes which will run consecutive Sundays January 8th through January 29th from 2pm to 3:30pm.. They will be held at the First United Methodist Church 55 Fenn Street in Pittsfield.

The courses will be taught by Rock On faculty members, Jeff Link, former Berklee College of Music Assistant Professor and current BCC music instructor, on Contemporary Harmony and Songwriting, Guitar with Ted Pierce who has performed extensively here and abroad and Bass with Dan Broad who is one of the most talented Bassist in Berkshires.

Rehearsal/Performance techniques will be offered as well with other Rock on faculty members.

Please visit our website for updates and registration information on these courses call Mary Talmi or Jeff Link for more details.

499-1733 x14    cell (917) 509-3508   Rockonworkshop.org


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