Last night…she said….

After a brief bit away, I did not mean to stray, but have a couple words to say about last Weekend!

The Wrong Inspiration
FIRST Place !!

First Off, CONGRATULATIONS to The Wrong Inspiration for getting it just right this weekend at Northern Lights Battle of the Bands!!

Tony Lee ThomasWe just happened to pop in on Tony Lee Thomas’ show at Flavours Friday night (9/23) – It is impossible not to smile and join in on the action when Tony is playing and singing and making his magic!. With Krishna Guthrie on drums, and guest appearances by Olive Thomas & Tim Sears (rappin! go Tim!) ……….

Tony is an inspired songwriter and performer who can also ROCK the cover tunes…he blew us away with some Hendrix near the end of the night. It wasn’t in the plans but SO glad we caught the show. Listen!

Scarlet FadeUpcoming .. Some young musicians from CT caught my ear today Scarlet Fade. They look and sound cool. A band definitely inspired by Flyleaf.

Upcoming ALL Ages Shows…with Scarlet Fade

Troy Music Hall
Troy, New York , US

Topsfield Fair
Topsfield, MA


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