The Beat Goes On …

Trio CandelaThursday, September 8
Trio Candela Live!


FREE show with special guest on flute Charlie Tocarz! The trio features guitarist and lead vocalist Juan Basillio-Sanchez from Nicaragua, percussionist, conga drummer and vocalist Aimee Gelinas and guitarist and percussionist Daniel Cohen-both from Windsor, MA.  Come have sushi and cocktails and enjoy the Latin tune.

~ Spice Dragon  ~ 297 North Street ~ Pittsfield, MA


Saturday, September 10
Bitter/Sweet  ~  Annie Guthrie and Bobby Sweet

Annie GuthrieBobby SweetThe pairing of two fabulous talents – Bobby Sweet, known and loved
throughout the Berkshires as singer, songwriter and Berkshire troubador extraordinaire, and Annie Guthrie, the most enigmatic and unpredictable of the famed Guthrie clan. Join these two intrepid performers as they explore new musical relationships and  pairings in our on-going ever-growing community of intertwined creative spirits. Its gonna be good….!

~ The Dreamaway Lodge ~ County Road ~ Becket, MA


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