RockOn + Berkshire Rocks + Two Stages

= June 16th, 3rd Thursday!!

RockOn veterans, Distant Shock A Fate Forgotten The Interlopers Music Ruthie Hannah Kirchner Christine Bile, Jenna May, & Built on Rock take the Berkshire Rocks stage. 3rd Thursday activities will start at the City Hall Stage and expand to a new stage at Crown Plaza as well!

There are 8 acts playing on the Berkshire Rocks stages this 3rd Thursday and most of the musicians involved have attended Rock On! Workshops. With all the options every summer that is a very significant statistic.

A FAte ForgottenThis 3rd Thursday marks the live debut of A Fate Forgotten (AFF) a band of 15 year old musicians from the Berkshires and Pioneer Valley. AFF will be playing a 30 minute set at the Berkshire Rocks stage on City Hall steps, has 6 original songs and has been offered slots opening for some of the most popular metal bands in Western MA. A Fate Forgotten has gone through over 300 ear plugs and blown fuses all over the Berkshires and has not even been together one year.

How do 5 teens with sports and school reach this point so quickly? Practice – yes. Desire – yes. Dedication – of course. But Matt Geyer and Will Matica also talk of the way they got to know each other well and came up started to form their band as a result of attending the Rock On! workshop in 2010. No matter how far AFF reaches it’s roots will always remain in the Berkshires.

smoked turkey leg @ third thursday @ Brulees (band or main course, can’t be sure) BUT for sure some great sounds from Culp and Callahan from  5 pm – 8 pm,   playing the classic lounge hits from the 60’s and 70’s, outside, weather permitting. Then from 8 pm – 11 pm – Open Mic, hosted by Sean Callaghan for acoustic guitars, percussion, et al.

More 3rd Thursdays info…

Ryan HartMore ALL AGES happenings Thursday night

DJ HART-BEATZ jams out

spinning electro-house, remixes, along with some old-school hip hop tracks.

And if that is not enough to do Thursday, how about some
Hors D’oeuvres at Mazzeo’s Restaurant – 1015 South St. Pittsfield, MA

Thursday, June 16 · 7:00pm – 10:30pm

Some smokin jazz featuring Daniel Broad and Carlton Maaia II
this might be my pick!!! (ahhh, …but we are rehearsing Thursday!)

Thats all for now folks…………….


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