Mary Verdi is a Berkshire County based singer/songwriter who is intent on using her natural vocal talent to soften hearts. Her skills met recognition in 2007 when she was invited to sing the National Anthem at Fenway park for the Red Sox’ May 19 home game against the Atlanta Braves.


Rock On: Your bio states that you have been a regular on the stage since age three and a practicing musician since age six. Aside from being from a musical family, who or what really got your passion for music off the ground?

Mary Verdi: Belmont University, Nashville, TN. I was a Music Business Major which taught me all of the different facets of the business.

RO: You were raised in Illinois, studied in Nashville and lived in Austin before settling in New England. Was there one location in particular that you really thrived off of? What have you drawn from experiences living about the country that inform your present music career?

MV: Living in many different places has made me a more rounded person and being surrounded by so many different influences has made me a stronger writer.

RO: You recently started Verdi Music while living here in Massachusetts. Could you talk a bit about what Verdi Music is currently and its plans for the future?

MV: Verdi Music is responsible for backing all of my CDs in regards to creation, distribution and marketing. Verdi Music’s  next product? Christmas in the Berkshires! My upcoming show at the Colonial will be a family sing along Christmas, December 4, 2010.

RO: I see many of the positive testimonials listed on your website are in reference to your performances at churches. How does the church factor in to your music career? Have you always been involved with music on a religious level?

MV: I grew up singing in my church and it continues to be my favorite place to sing. God gives us talents. It’s up to us to use them in a positive fashion in hopes of making our world a more positive place for everyone!

RO: Have you ever been an instructor of music before? What do you hope to bring to the Rock On Workshop that another vocalist could not? What sort of advice do you have to offer to aspiring, young musicians?

MV: For me, the Rock On Workshop is an amazing tool for young artists in the Berkshires. I have been teaching and coaching vocalists for 25 years. The real magic for a singer in my opinion is being able to touch your listening audience through your communication abilities! We are all human and can never deliver a perfect performance.  However, if we have touched a heart in the audience we have reached success!


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