Matt Heisler is a musician/photographer/student from Pownall, VT. He discovered Rock On through an ad in the newspaper, which is where he first met Ben Talmi and started the first incarnation of Art Decade, Old Channel. Matt eventually left the band but took from it a lot of experience working within music industry confines and learning about the music business in general. A few months after his departure from the band, Matt started playing music with friends under the name The Flying Elderly, first for a school concert and then more seriously. The band now plays shows sporadically around Bennington, VT.

Matt currently attends the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and is studying Photography with a Journalism minor. Matt has been interested in taking photographs since he took his first snapshot at age 10 and really started getting serious about it a couple years ago. His current interest in photography overshadowed his former plans of majoring in Music, but his desire to be involved in music has not declined. His dream job is that is a music photojournalist, one who follows bands around and shoots their live shows in addition to taking press shots. Matt’s favorite subjects to photograph are people, and he would like to someday own his own studio where he can shoot portraiture.

“Photography has always been something of interest to me, but I’ve recently realized that it’s the only thing that I could really do forever and never get sick of it,” Matt said. “I love playing my drums and I plan on doing that regularly for the rest of my life, but I guess there’s something about the adventure of photography and the desire to always outdo myself that makes me love it more and more everyday.” Check out more of Matt’s photos from the recent Good Old War/Art Decade show below.





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