Rock On is gearing up for its Indie Band Fest this Friday July 31 with Good Old War, Art Decade and Bella’s Bartok. The show will start at 7PM atTickets are still available in person at the Rock On office (27 East Housatonic Street in Pittsfield, MA), over the phone (413.499.1733) or at the door.

Good Old War will be taking a bit of a break after their Pittsfield Show until the end of August when they hit the road with The Honorary Title and Cory Branan up until October. The band stopped by for a radio session at WNRN in Charlottesville, VA and performed a new song, “Sinking Ship.” Check out the track below:

Also be fore to check out the exclusive Good Old War interview:

Rock On: Execution seems to be a big part of your band. From the beginning was the band’s initial intent what you’ve happened upon at this point in your career? In other words, has the original mindset or idea of “the band” changed at all since you guys started?

Dan Schwartz: We haven’t changed our mindset, just crafted our original ideas until we were able to perform our ideas well.  As far as execution, I’d say we practice more than most bands. Every day we’re home is spent practicing and recording, and every day on tour we practice up until the show. We just love to sing together.

RO: Have you always been so focused on harmonies?

DS: Harmonies were the reason we wanted to do this band. Keith and I got together to do a couple acoustic versions of Days Away songs, and naturally, I started to sing along with him. It was a good blend right from the start. When we added Tim to that vocal mix, it was just a really exciting moment. Besides that, he and Keith had been harmonizing more subtly in Days Away for years.



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