Echo Expansion


This rainbow cover art accompanies dublab‘s Echo Expansion compilation, a 16-artist trek through all mediums hip hop, funk, deep space beat and everything else electronic and groovable. The set features lauded beatmakers Flying Lotus, Ras G, Dntel, Daedelus and many, many more. Click HERE for audio samples and vinyl/CD preordering, available in August.

Other music to check out with similarly brilliant and colorful cover art:


Neon Indian (a.k.a. VEGA a.k.a. Ghosthustler) crafts ultra pop bombast wrapped in tight hooks, shining exuberance and most importantly a great ear for great music. Psychic Chasms is out October 13 on Lefse Records.

Listen to “Terminally Chill” + “Deadbeat Summer.”


Teengirl Fantasy is Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi, a duo attending Oberlin College in Ohio. They craft circular dance rhythms after piling layer upon layer of sound on top of each other. Their new 12″ record, Hollywood Hils b/w Love Don’t Live Here, is available for free download at Pukekos and will be released physically in September.


Gang Gang Dance‘s Saint Dymphna was released on The Social Registry last fall to much acclaim and the band will be performing August 2 at the Pearl Street clubroom in Northampton. Check out the blatant pop banger “House Jam” (via Stereogum).


A Sunny Day In Glasgow‘s new record Ashes Grammar (Mis Ojos) will be released September 15. Their last album, Scribble Mural Comic Journal, was one of my favorite releases of 2007, a stuttering tapestry of sonic wilderness, infectious beats and washes of soothing noise.


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