Rebel Sound Weekend


Bella’s Bartok/Forever Autumn kicked off a long weekend of shows at The Room at Rebel Sound Records last night, which will host three more nights of music in a row this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Tonight, Friday July 17 at 7PM – Stigma (Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front), Refuse/Resist, Everybody Out! and Dead Radio Rebels – All Ages

Saturday July 18 at 7PM – Fields of Gaffney (Eric Gaffney from Sebadoh), Awkward Ending, Ben Karis-Nix and Prince Jellyfish

Sunday July 19 at 7PM – Screaming Females, The Test Tube Casanova Brigade, Werewolves of Pittsfield, Gimlet Slip and The Slaughterhouse Chorus

I caught up with Screaming Females before they bounced out on tour with The Dead Weather (ft. Alison Mosshart of the Kills, Jack White of the White Stripes/Raconteurs, Dam Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age and Jack Lawrence of the Raconteurs/Greenhornes) and did a quick interview:

Ian Nelson: First of all I know you guys played in Pittsfield a couple months ago. Go anywhere particularly interesting/eat any particularly delicious Pittsfield delicacies/do anything remotely cool?

Jarrett: The show we played seemed to be about the coolest thing going on in town. We got to see Masshysteri play, who are from Sweden. We ate some mediocre burritos that made me feel a little sick. It was SUPER cold and I was in a bad mood because of the weather.
Marissa: No.
King Mike: No.

IN: Unfortunately I couldn’t attend that show, but I’ve seen the comical flyer which billed you lower than Pr— B-st-rd. Few months later and you’ve played a show with Dinosaur Jr. and you’re about to tour with The Dead Weather and Jack White. Hows the transition from playing smaller shows (ie: The Room) to opening presumably larger venues?

Marissa: Well, being billed below Pr— B-st-rd was nothing short of an honor. We were put on that show last minute… I understand why we opened the show, it’s really not a big deal. Personally, I am equally comfortable with playing small and large venues. Not too sure how I’m going to feel playing in front of 3,000 people yet… but I’ll let you know. So far I haven’t had much of a problem. I’d say we prefer to play smaller places that are a bit more intimate… but I can’t speak on behalf of my band mates on that one.

IN: Are you down with any of Jack White’s previous musics? If so what’s your favorite? What’d you think when you were asked to tour with them?

Jarrett: I love the White Stripes. De Stijl is one of the best albums ever.
Marissa: I also love the White Stripes.
King Mike: Me too.

IN: I’m real down with one of your more melodic tracks “Humanity Arranged” as well as some of your more brutal ones. What makes you want to make songs both gorgeous and melodic while also making songs so abrasive and primal? Is this at all a combination of your personal tastes and the range of your influences?

Jarrett: When a lot of bands get together they decide what they are going to sound like before they even start playing together. People say things along the lines of, “I want to start a band that is a mix of Ramones melodies and early 90s dance beats with heavy breakdowns.” Then anything they play that happens to fall outside of those lines isn’t usable. We never decided to have a particular sound so that means anything we play and like we can use.

IN: This also seems to pour into the whole aesthetic of your album art, flyers, etc, which I think is very attractive. Who creates all the cool/creepy/weirdo flyers and art?

Marissa: I make all of our album art, and I typically draw most of the flyers. My mom was an art teacher and I’ve been drawing and painting ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil.

IN: What do you guys think about the whole bunch of bands popping out of and getting talked about from New Jersey semi-lately (ie: yourselves, Titus Andronicus, Vivian Girls, Real Estate, etc)?

Jarrett: All those bands are super cool but aren’t really the bands that make up the core of the New Brunswick, NJ DIY scene that we consider ourselves part of. Everyone should definitely check out The Measure [SA], SLAW, Seasick, Full of Fancy, Snowboy, You without Teeth, Mimi and Cristian, The Ergs!, Hunchback, The Atomic Missiles, Plastic East, etc, etc, etc.

IN: What’s next for the band after this upcoming tour plus all the West Coast shows scheduled in August? More touring? Thinking about any more recording yet?

Marissa: We have about five new songs completed right now. Not time for a new album yet. Soon enough. We’ll be touring again in the fall.

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