Rebel Sound Records


Rebel Sound Records opened in March at 146A North Street (right next to The Garden and Poncho’s) and has hosted a long string of mostly punk rock shows ever since. The store’s backroom venue, The Room, regularly hosts many local, regional and touring bands from across the country and does not seem to be slowing down a bit for the summer. The venue’s owner Andy Poncherello/Duguay also runs a label of the same name and hosts a radio program, Rebel Sound Radio, Saturdays from 4PM-8PM on WTBR 89.7FM and streaming from

Some notable shows coming up in this month of July include:

Dead Aces + The Grievants + Creepin’ Cadavers, July 10 7PM $8.

Forever Autumn + Bella’s Bartok, July 16 (Third Thursday) 7PM, $7.

Fields of Gaffney (feat. Eric Gaffney of SEBADOH) + Awkward Ending + Ben Karis-Nix + Prince Jellyfish, July 18 7PM $10.

SCREAMING FEMALES + The Test Tube Casanova Brigade + Werewolves of Pittsfield + Gimlet Slip + The Slaughterhouse Chorus, July 19 7PM $10.


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